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Eight years ago, a special boy named Kan came into my life. Khan is a Beagle breed, golden at heart and always ready to party. Unfortunately, it brought with it a huge amount of health problems, and we spent most of our time with the vets at the clinic. This is where the story of finding the right diet, supplements and equipment began. There were good and bad days, otherwise more bad ones and I almost gave up when the solution was offered. We tried all sorts of diet plans, foods, diets…. Nothing worked. In the end, after five years of Calvary, we found food that pleased him and did not harm his health. In addition to my newcomer to the beagle, we have five other Dalmatians who are very susceptible to kidney crystals. As long as you take care of their proper diet and do not get an excess of protein, and corn or allergenic cereals, they are dogs that are not harmed by anything in the world. And yet, we have a severe allergy sufferer at home among them, with whom we have spent very difficult moments, much like at Cannes. We tried everything we could, but we couldn’t help him, in the end we were left with only immunotherapy, which didn’t give the desired results. In the search for salvation, we tried another option with our golden veterinarian, namely we switched to the monoprotein diet of the Monge and Farmina brands, and since then we can only praise the days and nights. We solved all the health problems and learned a lot from it.

From our experience, I learned a huge amount about dog nutrition. The desire for more, led me to open an online store and dog school for dogs. Thus, we can provide customers not only with food and equipment for small animals, but we will be happy to help you choose the right diet for your pet. You probably know that a person learns the most from his experience, and with this knowledge we can help each other the most. My Dreams have become a reality. The knowledge I gained as an instructor and canine judge helps me to learn together how to approach your pets, how to make them more obedient, how their behaviour will be more adapted to you, so you can enjoy unique moments they can give you.

With the experience we gained with our pets, and the knowledge of how it can really be a big problem in finding the right diet, since we fought the disease for a good 5 years, we lovingly put them in our online store, because we want to help also to deprive you of all this painful path that we have walked ourselves. The greatest joy and happiness is to see our pets healthy and playful. All our products are carefully selected. Dry and wet foods are world-renowned brands verified by veterinarians. Toys and other equipment are tested, a special test was made by our pets and pets of people close to us, so we can say that they are really high quality and useful.

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Quality, reliability, knowledge and kindness

Advice on nutrition, care, training, exhibiting and breeding of dogs

Responsiveness to meet the needs of customers and their pets

Flexibility and a wide range of products

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