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I have had a passion for animals since I was young. I grew up in a farm family where we always had a dog, since it has always been said that “a family without an animal is not a real family!” At first, we had German Shepherds and dogs of the Newfoundland breed, or as some call it “luck on a leash.” I am also a breeder of the Dalmatian breed and a judge for the exterior of hunting dog breeds and a dog obedience training instructor. I am also the proud owner of six dogs, five Dalmatians and Beagle. Growing up, I also learned a lot about other animals, such as kittens and other small animals. Our canine companion has given me a tremendous amount of work in finding the right equipment and nutrition for them.

Many years of canine experience and breeding experience help me choose the best equipment and nutrition for our dogs. All the equipment and nutrition is 100% tested in our home.

Our dogs gave me the wind when looking for durable equipment, as not all equipment purchased was durable and of good quality to withstand the power of our dogs. So I was forced to search all over the world to find the right one. Just like food.

It may convince you

What are our advantages?

Quality, reliability, knowledge and kindness

Advice on nutrition, care, training, exhibiting and breeding of dogs

Responsiveness to meet the needs of customers and their pets

Flexibility and a wide range of products

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